The Little Red Hen project provides the Delridge community with a way to grow and maintain a backyard food source through our learning garden and classes at the Delridge Community Center. We are a Growing Groceries garden with King County Master Gardeners, and grow produce with neighbors in the context of community building.


Unlike a traditional pea patch, garden assignment will come with one special caveat; a gardener will take on an intern, to mentor in the art of urban farming. In addition, our garden is planned and organized as an urban farm, rather than individually owned plots.


Community members can take part in the harvest in exchange for volunteer hours.


The Little Red Hen Project showcases different ways to grow food, focusing on affordability, small spaces and nutritional density. Techniques like container gardening, square foot gardening, aquaponics, permaculture and food foresting will be demonstrated in upcoming building phases.


To find out how you can start growing food with us, send us an email.

Visit Our Flagship Garden At The Delridge Community Center