Volunteer Positions

Volunteer Coordinator

Responsible for recruitment, selection, training and supervision of volunteer staff. Independence and self motivation are key for this task.

Grant Writer

Responsible for obtaining the funds to continue our programming, as well as visioning for new programs and projects. Will learn about our goals and financial needs for any of our upcoming events or larger scale projects, and will work with the executive director to find external funding sources.

Marketing Director

Responsible for publicizing upcoming events, digital marketing and overall public relations. Will work with executive director to create publicity campaigns.

Program Coordinator

Will work with volunteer coordinator and garden educators to assure volunteers are well placed and scheduled to fill the staffing needs. Responsible for working with the executive director, teachers, and community center staff to assure volunteers have been properly vetted and our programs are meeting the needs of the center. Will work with the bookkeeper and project manager to assure budgets are balanced and  will work closely with our volunteers. Assures staff and volunteers have the necessary resources to complete tasks and projects.

Program Manager

Responsible for working with the grant writer to keep projects and programs in alignment with grant requirements. Will work with garden educators to build and package curricula. Will work with grant writer and executive director to create new programs as needed. In tune with the mission of LRH and the needs of the community. Will work with project manager and program coordinator to keep momentum and complete projects in a timely matter.